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I am the mother of two autistic children with severe anxiety and sensory needs. I was inspired to start Kubooh after watching my children become easily overwhelmed, and suffer from anxiety. They would pull their hoods up over their heads and put blankets over themselves to relieve stress and help them feel safe and calm. Having children with autism can be challenging, even more so when trying to function without any sleep due to your child being awake at night. This is why I created Kubooh.

I wanted to create a safe place for children feeling overwhelmed that would help to calm them and also promote better sleep. Kubooh is designed to do just that. And while it can be used as a general chill out space, it’s ideal to calm down from a meltdown, help your child drift off to sleep, or for children coming home from school that just need to wind down from the stresses of socialising.

Although I started Kubooh with the intent of helping parents, Kubooh isn’t just for small children. Older children and teenagers will love Kubooh too as it gives them their own space. My vision is to create a fun and colourful online shop supplying parents with products that will make your life as well as your child’s life easier so you can spend more time making memories rather than managing meltdowns. I hope that the Kubooh bundle is the start of this and that your child enjoys Kubooh as much as us.

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Clients Reviews

I’ve been looking for something like this for my autistic son for years! It has made such a difference to our lives and he loves his Kubooh set. Would highly recommend.

F. K.

More amazing than expected! Well worth the money! My granddaughter loves it! Thank you Kubooh!

Sharon Bradie

This is brilliant! My son who has autism, ADHD, and sensory needs has slept in his own bed for the first time in years. The light is fantastic and really helps him to wind down for bed and he carries his blanket and Kubooh cat everywhere!

Elaine Hamilton

100% Cruelty Free

Machine Washable

Super Soft Fabrics

Tumble Dryer

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